PayAmax Case Study – Capitol Paving of DC

This Payroll Case Study shows how taking the time to evaluate payroll solutions that streamline your operations will pay off in a big way. As explained by Capital Paving it was like coming out of the dark ages and into the light.


The Capitol Paving Story:

There was a time when, for several years, Capitol Paving didn’t have a way to store pay rates per job in their payroll system, and depending on the job the employee was working on, their rates could vary during the pay period.

And because of that there would be errors in some of the payroll checks. After each payroll cycle Capitol Paving would manually make entries in the payroll system in order to get correct paychecks. The process took hours to make sure each paycheck was examined and correct, plus the per job pay rates were maintained outside of the payroll system which lead to additional time consuming errors and difficulties when other employees had to fill a job position.

Then one day the Capitol Paving accountant stated there was a payroll system that had the capability to handle these job rates, thus eliminating the extra work load and subsequent errors.

And because of this Capitol Paving looked at PayAmax for payroll services. PayAmax showed Capitol Paving how their product would make their jobs easier, simpler, accurate and quicker.

As as a result they made the decision to use PayAmax.

And now finally their employees automatically get paid the right rate based on the job.

And if the employee’s regular rate is greater the system adjusts automatically to pay the higher rate. Awesomeness.

And as a result of switching to PayAmax, Capitol has enjoyed these additional bonuses: They now print their paychecks on site, saving costs and even more time as they are not waiting on anyone to deliver their checks.  Also, Capitol now easily prints garnishment checks and off cycle checks with the correct tax computations which eliminates the need for a difficult to reconcile expense account.


A Statement from Capitol Paving

“Capitol Paving of D.C., Inc. was incorporated in 1987 under the laws of the District of Columbia. The Owner/President organized the company to perform highway and street construction; concrete curb and gutter, sidewalk, aprons, wheelchair and bicycle ramps; masonry and concrete paving and remedial work within these same scopes. The company also performs water, sewer and storm drain work, as well as snow removal.

Capitol Paving is a Union Contractor under the Metropolitan D.C. Paving, Highway and Construction Materials Council, AFL-CIO. We have in our employ, Operating Engineers, Laborers, and Cement Masons.”

“PayAmax representatives came to our office and did a presentation that showed us how their product had features that would make our job easier and less time consuming. The presentation was professionally delivered and it was evident that the PayAmax personnel were expert at dealing with all types of payroll matters.

Very little discussion was needed after the presentation. We were prepared to make the move to PayAmax and made the transition which went very smoothly.

Switching to PayAmax has been a big win for us. We have moved from the ‘dark ages’ into the light. If you are looking to streamline your payroll preparation, you should definitely give them a try. An hour presentation can save you time and money.”

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