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PayAmax offers EmployeeMax cloud based Payroll and HR


PayAmax Payroll Services offers our customers a cloud based Payroll and HR Package. This means you have access to your payroll information from any location, day or night.

Equally important is knowing that we develop our own software, so we are not subject to the decisions and limitations of licensed software providers. That gives us more control over what we offer and how our services are delivered to customers. That’s one reason we are able to provide you with an integrated, single sign-on Payroll and HR package.


Simply a better payroll experience


We did not make up that statement ourselves. Those are the words of a payroll customer. Advanced software technology combined with personalized and knowledgeable customer service simplifies your life and makes each aspect of your payroll experience better and less frustrating than what you have experienced in the past.


Expert personalized support is always ready to help


Our support staff has years of experience working with payroll customers similar to yourself. The EmployeeMax system was designed with the customer and customer support in mind. That’s what makes it faster and easier for us to give answers to your questions and resolve any payroll issue you may encounter.

With us you are not just a number. We know who you are and we understand what it’s like to make sure everything is done 100% correct, on time, every time. We realize your vocation is unheralded and unseen to most everyone in your organization, and in your community, except to us – we get it, we are here to help.


Technology that makes your job easier and delightful


Micro-efficiencies are small things that are quick to do, don’t take a lot of figuring out to get them done, don’t require you to dig deep into your memory banks to remember how to do it or where to find something. Those small efficiencies add up to what we call delightful moments – when a task you normally might have wanted to avoid gets done easier and with less effort than imagined. And when you know the task is quick and efficient you can approach it with a smile. We try to build delightful micro-efficiencies into our products and services.

Let us know about the delightful moments you experience with our system that makes your job easier and quicker.


Dreaded roller coaster billing is a thing of the past


We have simplified billing and totally eliminated the ups and downs of billing charges that we all dread. You know, the extra billing items  that show up on invoices every month, every quarter and every year end.
Enough of that old school mentally, this is the 21st century. So now, finally, even billing is modernized!

Go here for more on how our payroll billing  is calculated and download a free price comparison worksheet so you will know the right questions to ask when comparing services.

When you call customer service you will be greeted by one of the most experienced payroll professionals in the industry.

You will never hesitate to call for a trusted answer and will avoid the risk of a problem that may come back to haunt you later in the year.